It is my goal that this site will provide you with information about myself as a candidate for the Fairfield Board of Education, my experience, goals and views on important issues.

It is my hope that Fairfield residents understand what the Board of Education is facing in the near future. On November 7, 2017  Fairfielders will have a decision to make on who they will trust to make decisions for their children and our school system. I will work to educate you on my qualifications, my long history of being an advocate for education and children in town and at the state level, answer your questions and otherwise earn that trust.

I look forward to campaigning in town, listening and learning what is important to you in our schools, knocking on doors, participating in debates and giving Fairfield voters a new perspective to consider.

I am happy to speak with you about my qualifications, vision and goals so please do not hestitate to reach out.


Jennifer Jacobsen



What Can You Count On?

I Will Be A Strong Voice

For 10 years I have attended BOE meetings, spoken at meetings on policies,  advocated for our approved budget before town bodies andprovided timely analysis on the impact of state and federal level policy for our schools and community.  While the role of a Boad member is quite different from that of an advocate, my voice shall remain one who supports our education system and all those within it, is dedicated to preserving quality while seeking opportunity to address areas in need of improvement, being ever mindful of the short term and long term impact of decisons upon our school system, our students and community.

I Will Value Input and Collaboration

We are a diverse, engaged community. There are many viewpoints on issues in this town. I have built coalitions that have included a wide range of ideological perspectives who came together to leave their politics at the door and focus. Focus on common goals. They were successful because I listened first. We are one town, one district, one system and we can focus together by valuing all perspectives and working to find our common ground. I will do that as a BOE member.   As a board member I will committ to listening first, basing my decsions on thoughtful input from an array of stakeholders and collaborating with respect with those already serving.

I Will Be Prepared and Informed

I make it a point to be accurately informed and well prepared to add insight to the conversation.  I will not waste the boards time, the publics time or the admnistrations time asking questions that I should know the answers to myself. I will clarify if needed of course, but it will be my job, on my time, to come ready to the table. Federal and State policy impacts our school system and town. I have spent the last  few years reading agreements, grants, statutes, and proposed legislation so I can be the most informed education advocate I can be and so that we may know ahead of time that which may impact our students, schools, staff and budgets.

I Will Stand for Our System, Students, Staff, and Facilities

There is little debate on the value that a strong education system adds in terms of value to a community. Young families seek excellent education for their children when deciding where to live. They also seek affordability, as do those who do not have any children who are also incredibly important to Fairfield. Therefore, a balanced approach to meet both community and student need is required. It is a tall task. Fairfied is already efficient due to years of budget cuts. We now see the effect of that- looking at decisions about programs and services that negatively impact students and classrooms. 

As a Board member I will hold true to the long held value of doing our very best to keep hard choices away from students and classrooms as best we can, while being mindful of containing costs and creatively finding solutions that do not trade on quality. Part of the first line of the Board of Education Code of Ethics reads as follows: "In fulfilling my responsibilities, I will think of "children first." Not only have I been doing this for the better part of two decades as an educator, parent and advocate, but as a potential BOE member, to me this means that ultimately decision making by this Board rests with "children first".

In order to have and maintain a strong education system we have to be able to attract and retain strong educators and administrators and provide them with the support, materials and time they need to do what they are well qualified to do, in addition to trusting the expertise of our administration.

Maintaining our facilities so that small issues do not become more costly problems is a fiscally responsible position while understanding that issues arise in that process and we are constrained by what we can afford to do and when we can do it. We can also consider how best to utilize our facilities in creative ways that may increase revenue.


Our schools are a source of pride. The place where most of us vote. They are the beacon of the future, the foundation of a community and our democracy. They must be reflective of that importance.  




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