About Jennifer Jacobsen


  • 17 year Fairfield Resident.
  • 20 years in the field of Education
  • 3 children currently in our schools.
  • Master’s Degree in Education with a specialization in School Counseling.
  • I have been certified in 3 states pre-k through grade 12 in Pupil Services. 
  • Special Needs arena including IEP development and Implementation and Crisis Intervention experience.
  • Early Childhood Education

Fairfield Schools Experience:

  • Fairfield 5 YR. Strategic plan under Dr. Clark.
  • PTA member serving in various volunteer capacities including Community Outreach for student service learning opportunities with our district and well beyond.
  • Fairfield Cares PTA representative for the last three years at two of our schools. I am currently the coordinator for Fairfield Cares, which serves as our local prevention coalition that aims to address substance abuse and mental health within our public and private school student population. 
  • Curriculum review panels
  • Attended or watched almost every Board meeting for the last 10 years so I am fully up to speed on our facilities plan, policies, and function of the Board and am prepared to serve as a knowledgeable member in a collaborative and respectful manner.
  • Girls Scouts of America Troop Leader, 10 years running.

The list here is quite long so I am happy to cover this area further with you moving forward.

Fiscal Vision:

  • Our community and district is facing some tough times with looming state funding at risk. I have been engaged at the state level happenings, have read the budget proposals closely and feel at this point we must work together creatively to protect our district and our community by working together in a collaborative and respectful manner to not only sustain our excellent school system but Fairfield at large.
  • Identify efficiencies.
  • Value public input and dialogue.
  • Advocate for the approved budget
  • Make difficult choices when they arrive ever mindful of the short and long-term impact of those decisions upon our students, staff, facilities and community.

State Advocacy and Knowledge:

I read every bill related to education, every budget, every State Board of Education agenda and policy proposal. I follow the state department for changes that may affect us and advocacy proposals by education organizations, who also influence those decisions.

For two years I worked, in tandem with many others, to pass state legislation pertaining to digital security and transparency for students and parents. In this role, it was necessary to work collaboratively throughout the state and with several organizations including parent groups, the CT State PTA, educators, the ACLU-CT, the CT Parental Rights Coalition and special education organizations along with state representatives. The measure passed unanimously in both chambers with bipartisan support.

What this experience taught me is that when stakeholders from seemingly vastly different ideological perspectives come together to focus on creative solutions to an issue we can find our common ground, while ardently holding true to our values. I am committed to that process on the BOE should I earn your vote.

Fairfielders knowledge regarding what is occurring on the Federal and State level in education has become increasingly important as we now see that decisions outside of our town can have a tremendous impact upon us. I come prepared with this knowledge and will continue to be aware of such influences upon our district.


  • Build upon the hard work of all of the boards I have watched before me and operate collaboratively with those serving today.
  • Strengthen and move our district forward as a body.
  • Work towards ensuring that Fairfield kids get the very best we can give them on the road to their successful journeys as both students and individuals who can move into their adult lives confident that we have provided them with the tools needed to thrive in their post Fairfield School lives.
  • Confront whatever challenges, fiscal or otherwise, come our way with integrity and fidelity to our values so we may preserve all that we have built within this community for those who have made Fairfield their home.
  • Communicate factually with the public about our schools, their value and how we achieve efficiencies and contain costs while maintaining high quality.

Why Run Now?

First, because I know I am ready. I know that I am as knowledgeable as a citizen can be on education issues from D.C. to Fairfield.

I have advocated on our behalf before other town bodies and am prepared to take on this great responsibility within our community.

Mostly, because at this juncture, as we face uncertainty we need strong voices on all of our boards to compliment those we have serving today.

There is simply no way on a website to completely share with you my capacity in the field of education or dedication to students and learning, therefore I urge you to contact me anytime to get together or simply ask any questions. As we move forward I will be sure to provide ample opportunity face to face to discuss my candidacy with you.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jennifer Jacobsen, M.Ed.


Jennifer Jacobsen Receives National Endorsement from the

Network for Public Education

Truly humbled by this National Endorsement by NPE

Thank you to Diane Ravitch, Carol Burris, Anthony Cody, Julian Vasquez-Heilig, Jitu Brown and the entire staff and committee in its review of my advocacy on behalf of students and our schools locally and on the state level.

Truly an honor I will carry proudly.



"Jenn is passionate about education, does her homework, and eager to work with anyone to achieve what is best for our children. Whenever I have reached out to her for her thoughts on an issue, without fail she immediately responds with answers that have been well researched. She will be a great asset to the Fairfield Board of Education, and a tremendous benefit to the students of Fairfield."

Fred Camillo
State Representative
151st District-CT






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