Let's Talk! 

During the next several months I will be holding get to know the candidate events. It is my hope that these listening and talking opportunities will pemit open and candid dialogue as you get to know me as a candidate. I will post these events here and on my facebook page as they are planned and hope to see you there!

PTA Council BOE Candidate Forum

This forum will take place on November 1st at the Fairfield History Museum from 7:30-9PM.

PTAC’s goal is to promote casual yet stimulating discussion between the candidates and PTA members in a roundtable format.

Diversity and the Fairfield Public Schools will be the theme of the evening. This may encompass topics such as the racial imbalance plan, the achievement gap, testing, understanding differences in teaching/learning styles, the role of the PTA in cultural outreach or inclusion efforts, social issues and other issues currently before our schools and its population.

PTAC hopes that the take away from the evening will be two-fold: (1) our members gain a better understanding of how a candidate--as a potential BOE member-- approaches these important topics and (2) each candidate will gain a better understanding of what topics are before our PTAs now and how our membership community is looking at them


Watch The League of Women Voters BOE Candidate Forum from 10/25/17 on FairTV


Topics Convered Include:

Pocket and Comprehensive Redistricting
Facilities-One High School, Elementary School Determining High School Feeder, Utilization, School Closings
Racial Imbalance Solutions- redistrict, zoning, legal challenge
Special Education
Education Mandates from the State
Potential Structural Changes for the District
Revenue Ideas
Closing Statements by the Candidates


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