Anyone who follows education knows there is no shortage of issues to discuss nor viewpoints on them:

  • Funding: Federal, State and Local
  • Special Education
  • Zoning
  • Teacher Recruitment and Evaluation
  • Testing and Assessment
  • Accountability
  • Class Size
  • Pocket and Comprehensive Redistricting
  • Facilities-One High School, Elementary School Determining High School Feeder, Utilization, School Closings
  • Racial Imbalance Solutions- redistrict, zoning, legal challenge
  • Education Mandates from the State
  • Potential Structural Changes for the District
  • Revenue Ideas
  • Transportation

These are just a few of the issues I have made the effort to educate myself on. For those who do not follow education closely they may be terms you'd like to understand better and their impact.

I certainly have my own personal view on them, as do many, and am happy to discuss them. However, as a BOE candidate my job isn't to impose my view on others, but to represent the public interest and voice, implement state and federal education requirements, and act as a body, with students at the forefront of all that we do.

The Board of Education has 3 main purposes: Policy, Budget, Superintendent. The Board does not run the district,  but ensures our schools are well run. I do believe the public however, has an important stake in voicing the values they wish to see in how their tax dollars are being spent and input into policy of the district. Parents,  PTA's, Educators - are important stakeholders in the well being and strength of our school system.

The mission of the Fairfield Public Schools, in partnership with families and community, is to ensure that every student acquires the knowledge and skills needed to be a lifelong learner, responsible citizen, and successful participant in an ever changing global society through a comprehensive educational program.


A Couple of Media Clips of My Advocacy Before Town Bodies:

Board Of Finance Forum 3/18/17 On the Board of Education Budget 2hr and 2 minute mark

Board of Education Meeting 6/13/17 On Class Size Guidelines 2hr and 3 minute mark







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